LOGO: Why is it important to have one?

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First let’s start with what logo is. To put it simple, logo is the “face” of your business. It helps the customer to recognize you from your competitor. Imagine if you come to some food court and you want to eat your favorite fried chicken, but in this place there are thousands of fried chicken joints and none of them have a logo, it will be quite confusing right? It is the same, one that can make your business stand out in the sea of the same businesses, is your logo.

Now we believe you start to get it, let’s go to why this “face” or logo is important:

  1. Recognition

Logo will help you to be recognized more easily. This is the very thing that a logo will give if no other. Stand out more, and be discoverable.

  1. Recollection

After people recognize you, it is great to have them remember you, and your logo will be a great visual aid here. Maybe it is hard for people to remember name, but they can remember logo easier and it is free from misspelling.

  1. Explanation

Sometimes logo can give a brief explanation on what your company do, what your business about, and it means more people for your market. In this fast-paced environment, people usually only spend a few seconds to look rather than minutes to read what this business about and determine they are interested in your business or not.

  1. Competence

Well-design logo will make you appear more professional. Logo is one of the first thing people will see before they decide to choose your company, so make it as good as possible.  After all, first impression really matters right.

  1. Objective

You can use your logo to target your respective customer, attract and gain more trust from them. If you want to appeal to senior, you maybe want to use softer color and for teenager maybe more colorful and glowing. Your respective target customer is one of the important elements to consider in making your logo.

  1. Repeat

When it is not the only reason why people will have a repeat order on your business, logo still play an important role on it. Sometimes you can meet people that buy things because of the logo is considered cool or cute.

These are six explanations on why logo is important for your business. After you know this do you still take logo lightly? Don’t make a mistake, consult a design company now. As logo is crucial for your business, you should careful and think which company that will do the design for you. Think of it as an investment when you choose to hire a design company, again it is really important after all. Maybe for small or medium company hire a design service can be expensive, here, don’t be mistaken that money is the sole factor that makes you able to get a great design for your logo. Try to find the best design company that match with your budget and needs.

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